Here are driving directions from Hachijojima Airport to Hachijojima 180 by car. It takes about 15 minutes.

 Google Map
5480-2 Okago, Hachijo, Hachijojima, Tokyo 100-1401, Japan

1) Turn left after exiting Hachijojima Airport parking lot

2) Please go straight along the road.

Keep going straight until the intersection with the place name “Nishimi ( 西見 )”.

3) Turn right at the intersection of Nishimi (西見 )

4) Also, keep going straight along the road.

Keep going straight for a while. If you find a tourist sign with “71” on the right hand side of the road, you are near your destination.

 We hope you enjoy the beautiful coastline of Hachijojima while driving.

5) If you see a tourist sign “71” and a small white signboard beside the road on your right, you are at your destination.

6) Turn right at the alley next to the small white sign

This is the entrance to Hachijojima 180.

7) Arrival at Hachijojima 180

When you go up the alley, you will arrive at Hachijojima 180! Please have a good time there.